The organizations below have been selected to participate as Partners because they are in alignment with our mission and vision of providing free or reduced cost products and services that help promote or facilitate healthy shared parenting.


When navigating the difficulties of separation and the family court system, a coordinated and authentic connection to care that works with you to holistically improve and maintain good mental health is invaluable

CuraLinc delivers just that – transformative mental health care fueled by connectivity – marrying technology and personalized advocacy to engage, empower and support you throughout the care journey. 

Camp f3TCh helps fathers fight for Their Children’s hearts, by assisting them in their pursuit of rebuilding and fortifying strong loving bonds. We do this by hosting events, usually in the outdoors, that are designed to help improve father and child engagement, fortify bonds, and create lifelong memories. 

Managed by Kids Need Both, Inc, Hope4Families is an educational platform and community for families and advocacy professionals who seek self-development courses, resources, mentorship and educational events. Connecting families with professional support and resources they can trust.

Legal Club provides group legal other benefits to more than 2,000,000 Americans and their families. Legal Club’s suite of products can be tailored to meet the needs of life’s many challenges and are designed to provide maximum value and flexibility.

Co-parenting is a journey that can include bumps in the road, unexpected hurdles and emotional times.  Peaceful Parent grows with the CoParenting journey by providing the tools needed to gain peace with every step.

Originally designed for the worst of the worst divorces, SplitSmart has evolved as the guardrails to help keep families on the straight and narrow path to a successful divorce.  Through organization, transparency of data and positions, and focusing on the tasks at hand, the emotions and expenses of divorce are kept in check.